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ES045 3 pz Auto/Car Trim Strumento di Rimozione Luce Apri Pinze Multi-funzione Clip In Acciaio Leva Della Leva Car Audio Smontaggio Rullo di Applicazi

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Key Features:

You can refit your car audio in less time with the 3pcs repair tool kit, it can avoid any damage to your vehicle.
Universal for differient vehicles.
Handy, portable and durable, ergonomic, design, easy to use and store.
100% brand new and high quality.

1. Multi-Function Clip Pliers:
* Built-in spring design, convenient and quick;
* Anti-skid design, handle made of tool steel material, high hardness, not easy to break.
* Easy access for confined areas.
* 5-In-1 Clip Pliers: This upgraded clip pliers is designed to remove bumper clips & plastic rivets / cut wire cables / cold press / remove & tighten the screws / adopts lever to disassemble door panels and more extensive applications.

2. Steel Removal Tool Pry Lever:
* Easily and safely remove radio panel, trim, molding, door panels, and dashboards, clip fasteners.
* Work on interior and exterior trim, narrow edge remover, wide edge remover, handle remover or upholstery clip remover.
* 2 different ends: suitable for different situations, easy to disassemble mini rivets and remove panels;
* Reduce the concave and protruding scars left by using screw knife or other non-efficient tools.

3. Car Audio/Sound Deadening Application Roller:
* An essential tool for applying soundproofing foam mat easily and effectively.
* Allows for even pressure of application to achieves the best adhesion.
* Double-head design:
This soundproof roller adopts a double-head design, the big head is suitable for large-area rolling treatment, and the small head is suitable for small details.
*Convex point design:
The wheel body of this soundproof roller adopts a convex point design, which will form a recessed muffler point on the surface of the shock plate to refract and disperse the noise while being compacted, so as to achieve the effect of muffler.


- Car dashboard interior trim, audio CD centre console conversion disassembly.
- Car/Home/Construction/Aircraft/bicycle/boats/RVs/Trucks, etc.
1. Automotive snap on trim panel and molding removal and installation.
2. Interior and exterior trim, wide edge remover, narrow edge remover, pull-type remover, handle remover and upholstery clip remover.
3. Car Light opener.
4. Furniture repair soft and hard woods, upholstery, leather work etc.
- Car Audio sound deadening foam mat application.


- Color: Red, Silver
- Material: Plastic, Tool Steel
(Tool steel: Heat-treated, tool steel has distinct characteristics such as high hardness, wear resistance, toughness, and resistance to softening at elevated temperatures.)
- Weight: 248g
- Package Size: 28cm * 12.5cm
- Item size: Please check details in picture as below

Parcel Content:

- 1 * Multi-Function Clip Pliers
- 1 * Car Trim Panel Removal Tool Pry lever
- 1 * Car Sound Deadening Application Roller



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